Thursday, September 3, 2015

Final EBOP Schedule

Welcome to EBOP!!
We look forward to having all the students start and continue the process of learning a fantastic musical instrument with us this next week!

For Beginning Strings each instrument will only come on one day for the first week. We want to make sure that each student is setup well and is comfortable in this new transition. Starting the week of September 14th we will have our regular and consistent schedule for all instruments.

Beginner Violins Tuesday September 8th
Beginner Violas September 9th
Beginner Cello September 10th
Beginner Bass September 11th

All other groups (Beginning Band, Advanced Band, and Advanced Orchestra) will follow the below schedule starting September 8th.

I finally figured out where I went wrong in getting emails to my EBOP families.  Hopefully, it will be clear sailing from now on! (Jayne) 

 Final schedule for EBOP for the first semester.  

Beginning Violins! Due to excellent response during our registration process, our goal is to keep our class sizes smaller.  You have been assigned a color and will attend class on the day assigned to that specific color.  You will receive an email with these class assignments.


Beginning  Black Violins Session 1Beginning ViolaBeginning Silver Violins Session 1Beginning Cello/BassBeginning Blue Violins Session 2
 Beginning Cello/BassBeginning  Blue Violins Session 1Beginning Black Violins Session 2Beginning ViolaBeginning Silver Violins Session 2
Advanced Strings-Advanced Strings-Advanced Strings
Advanced BandBeginning Clarinet/SaxAdvanced BandBeginning Clarinet/SaxAdvanced Band
Beginning High BrassBeginning Low BrassBeginning High BrassBeginning Low Brass-
-Beginning Percussion-Beginning Percussion-
-Beginning Flute-Beginning Flute-