Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What do I bring to EBOP?

EBOP Families,

There are a few things which need to come with your student for every class!  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING A MUSIC STAND!  That can stay at home to be used during practice time!  We have plenty of stands to go around for the EBOP students to use.

Beginning Strings:
1. Book-String Basics Book 1
2. Your instrument
3. Violin/Viola- Shoulder rest  (either a "Muco" or "Everest")
4.  Cello/Bass- rock stop/end pin holder

Beginning Band:
1. Standard of Excellence Book 1
2. Your instrument
3. Clarinets/Saxes-Reeds

Beginning Band Parents,
We've had a few questions about which instrumetns are High Brass and which are Low Brass.
High Brass is Trumpet and French Horn
Low Brass is Baritone and Trombone

String Parents,
We will refer to the beginners as "Beginning Strings" because they are working in instrument specific groups.
We will refer to the advanced students as "Advanced Orchestra" because they are a group of different string instruments working all together in one place and at one time.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! There is always something different to learn!