Friday, September 11, 2015


WOW!  What a great first week we had with all our EBOP students here! 

Now that we are past the Labor Day Holiday, we will begin with our regular schedule which is below.  As a reminder, classes run from 0715-0805.  We encourage you to be early so your student can get settled before class begins. The staff is here by 0700. You can drop you student off at the gym entrance at HRHS and a bus will take your student to his/her elementary school after EBOP ends.


Beginning  Black Violins Session 1Beginning ViolaBeginning Silver Violins Session 1BeginningCello/BassBeginning Blue Violins Session 2
 BeginningCello/BassBeginning  Blue Violins Session 1Beginning BlackViolins Session 2Beginning ViolaBeginning Silver Violins Session 2
Advanced Strings-Advanced Strings-Advanced Strings
Advanced BandBeginningClarinet/SaxAdvanced BandBeginningClarinet/SaxAdvanced Band
Beginning High BrassBeginning Low BrassBeginning High BrassBeginning Low Brass-
-Beginning Flute-Beginning Flute-

If you still need to pay for your tuition, and for financial questions ONLY, please contact our Bookkeeper, Doylene Gorham.  She can be reached at 303-387-2527.  She can take your credit card information over the phone.  You are welcome to send a check with your student to be given to the teacher. 

Remember to encourage your young musician to practice!  It's always important, but the habits we form now, we hope will last a life time!  Practicing will make in-class time more fun and informative and the teachers will be able to introduce new material sooner.

Have a great weekend!