Friday, October 31, 2014

Information on the Band Feeder Festival

The HRHS BAND FEEDER Festival is coming right up!  It will take place in the gym on November 11, 2014.  I will send an email when I get definite times so that you can plan!
The winds should be practicing from the selections in their books as follows:
 #16 – Hot Cross Buns – Everybody plays - 1x

#17 – Au Clair De La Lune – Everybody plays - 1x

#18 – Down By The Station – Everybody plays - 1x

#23 – Merrily We Roll Along – Play 3x
   1st time- Woodwinds
   2nd time- Brass & Perc.
   3rd time- everybody

#24 – Lightly Row (Duet) – 1x
   Woodwinds (Flute, clarinet sax) play A part
   Brass (Trumpet French horn, trombone, baritone) play B part
 #26 – Good King Wenceslas – Play 3 times
   1st Time – Kenna C. & Alondra C.
   2nd time – Chris M./Zane K. & Jonathan N./Ethan F.
   3rd time – Macie P. & ?
 #27 - Song Of The Fjords – Play 3 times with the following solos
   1st time- Abbi M & Colin W
   2nd time-Kayla D & Devin F
   3rd time- Makenzie N. & Ashlee C.
#32 – ENCORE! - Jolly Old St. Nicholas – Duet
   Brass play A Part
   Woodwinds play B part

 Percussion, here is a message from Ms. Wilson!
Hi all,
Next week we will be preparing for our concert that is on November 11th. Stdents need to bring snare and bells on Wednesday and Friday next week. On Wednesday we will be playing with the beginning brass class in the band room. They have "homework" this weekend in practicing the following songs in their books. They need to say the letter names of the pitches in rhythm (bell music-right page).
#16 – Hot Cross Buns
 #17 – Au Clair De La Lune
#18 – Down By The Station
 #23 – Merrily We Roll Along
 #24 – Lightly Row (Duet)
#26 – Good King Wenceslas
#27 - Song Of The Fjords
#32 - Jolly Old St. Nicholas
As percussionists, the students are required to learn how to play every part available for all of these songs and then we will assign people to parts on Friday. Each student will play bells, snare, and bass drum at least once. If you have any questions, please email me.
Jen Wilson