Friday, October 24, 2014

HRHS Feeder Festivals are coming up!

What is the Feeder Festival?

The Feeder Festival is an evening of fun and performance, our first concert of the year! EBOP, Cresthill Middle School students and of course Highlands Ranch High School ensembles on stage in the HRHS Gymnasium at 7pm.  We will finish the evening with a combined piece that all the students perform together, a great highlight of the year. All students are expected to attend this fun and memorable time.

        The dates for the Fall Feeder Festival are as follows.

The String Feeder Festival will be Wednesday, November 5, 7pm.  
Please be familiar with all information here.

The Band Feeder Festival will be on Tuesday November 11, 7pm. 
More information to come

Please see the EBOP CALENDAR for all of the important dates for the year. You can attach all dates for the year to you phone, device, or email.

There will be more information coming up in our Fall Feeder Festival link.