Friday, February 26, 2016

concert information

EBOP Families,

We are pretty excited!  Our concert is just around the corner!  We can't wait for you to hear all the hard work your students have been doing!

Beginning Strings:  Arrive by 5:15 in order to tune and warm up
Advanced strings and both Bands:  Arrive by 5:30.

Please meet in the following locations:
Advanced Strings in ensemble room.
Beginning Strings in the orchestra room.
Beginning Band  in the band room
Advanced Band in the choir room.
We will be around to help direct the children.

Concert attire:
Black bottoms with white tops and black shoes and socks.
Girls can wear a skirt or slacks.  If you don't have black bottoms, please wear the darkest slacks/skirt you have!  We understand not everybody had a lot of black in their wardrobes! (As musicians, they will have a LOT of black in their closets!)

Just a note about concert etiquette.
All of the students have worked very hard to prepare for our concert.  It is our hope that everyone feel comfortable and welcome at the concert!  Please remember to have your students prepared to listen politely while the groups are performing.   Flash photography is very distracting, so please use discretion when taking pictures.  As always, please be sure to silence technology during the concert.

We look forward to seeing everybody on the 8th!