Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mid year slumps

EBOP Families,

it's the time of year that likely finds some of you struggling to get yourselves  and your young musicians up and about.  We are almost to Spring!  I read somewhere that there are  55 days until Spring!  Hang in there!  We are getting closer every day!

We all know about the studies linking students who study music being better at focusing in school and doing better in general in school.  Have you ever watched your young musician practice?  If you ever pass by when they are really working, watch their faces and their body language.  There is extreme focus happening!  Practicing and playing an instrument helps develop the ability to focus for extended periods of time!  This past weekend, I was at a concert involving very, very young musicians.  I was sitting with Mr. Snell, behind one of the young bands.  The kids were so squirmy during the other bands performances, but boy!  Once their band got to play, they were all business!

Music can also help with confidence.
I am lucky enough to get to teach large groups of young musicians as well as one on one. My  favorite time teaching is when a kid sees a piece of music he/she is positive cannot be played!  We gradually work through it together and eventually, I have to say less and less because my student is gaining confidence in his/her own ability to learn!  It's magic! 

Those are just a couple of  thoughts to try to help us all stay motivated through the remainder of the winter. Keeping up with playing an instrument is a good thing, no matter how you look at it!  

Let's hope that ole ground hog rules in our favor and we don't have 6 more weeks of winter!!!  (I can never remember which way it goes...if he sees his shadow or not:))

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