Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 is upon us!  Wow!  Where is the time going?

By now, all the students have become comfortable and are happily working hard to make progress.

On the band side, we have combined some instruments so that the students can get an idea of what they will sound like with the other band instruments.  I have plenty of lovely, hard working clarinets, saxes and flutes that I get to see two times a week!  "My" flutes were quite surprised to hear what saxes and clarinets sound like.

Strings families, I just sent an email to all of you regarding a workshop which is coming up later this month.  Please check your emails.

Please  keep the students practicing and let us know of any concerns or any musical triumphs, great or small!

We wish you health, happiness and lots of music for 2016!