Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You are invited!


On Wednesday October 7 at 7:00pm here at Highlands Ranch High School, our HIGH SCHOOL orchestras will be performing their Fall Concert, under the direction of Mr. Ryan Woodworth.  It will take place in the HRHS Theater.

We are excited to invite our EBOP families to enjoy this evening of music.  Our high school orchestras work very hard during every rehearsal and the students are looking forward to being able to present this music.  There will be a work performed that was written by our very own Susan Day who conducts our EBOP Advanced Orchestra!

It is a lovely learning opportunity for our young EBOP students to be able to attend a concert given by older, more accomplished students, many of whom they see in the hallways here at school while they are in EBOP.  It won't be very many years (and they pass all too quickly) before your youngster will be sitting on that stage as a high school student!  Many young (and even old) musicians are inspired to work harder and become  better musicians when we hear accomplished artists performing!

We hope you will be able to join the HRHS Orchestras next week!