Thursday, April 9, 2015


It has been quite an exciting and eventful year with EBOP and we have enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach music to your child! For those of you with students returning to elementary school next year, we look forward to seeing your child again next year. For those of you who have students moving onto middle school, it has been a pleasure and we encourage you to continue your child’s music studies as we hope to teach them again in the future! Please let us know if you are interested in private lessons this summer, as we have a list of local private instructors.

We have quite a lot happening over the next couple of  weeks! On April 27 and 28, students will be touring our elementary feeder schools (like rockstars) to perform for their peers. Please note that the EBOP rehearsal schedule will not be typical for that week. Students will need to arrive at HRHS at 7:15am for rehearsal on their designated tour day. (Please refer to the highlighted classes below for your student’s EBOP School Tour day. *Each student will only tour ONE day.) The schedule is as follows:

DAY 1 - April 27
Advanced Band
Beginning Orchestra
8:40am     Lone Tree ES
9:40am    Acres Green ES
10:40am    Eagle Ridge ES
12:15pm         Fox Creek ES
1:00pm    Students will be dropped off
                      at their schools
DAY 2 - April 28
Beginning Band
Advanced Orchestra
8:40am    Platte River Academy
9:40am     Cougar Run ES
10:40am    Arrowwood ES
11:25am         Student will be dropped off at
                      their schools

For our EBOP Tour, students should dress in a white shirt and black pants.Classes touring on April 27 will be dropped off at their school around 1:00pm. Classes touring on April 28 will be dropped off at their school around 11:30pm. All students should bring a peanut free snack and sack lunch.

Please see the attached Permission Slip; return to your child’s instructor no later than Monday April 20. If you need to sign, scan and email the permission slip to me, please do.  My email is PERMISSION SLIP.  CLICK ON "DCSD FIELD TRIP PERMISSION FORM DOX".

Our Final Concert will be Arpil 28 at 7:00pm in the HRHS Auditorium. Students should dress in concert attire - white dress shirt, black pants or long skirt, and black shoes. All EBOP students will perform.  Don’t forget about the CSO visit and performance and Donuts on April 30th!  No instruments needed but please plan to be on time!  The performance will begin promptly at 7:15 am!

As a note - we do NOT return instruments to their vendors. If you plan on discontinuing your instrument rental, you must contact your vendor directly to make arrangements.

For quick reference:
April 27    Advanced Band/Beginning Orchestra School Tour, arrive at 7:15am
April 28    Advanced Orchestra/Beginning Band School Tour, arrive at 7:15am
April 28    Final EBOP Concert at HRHS, 7pm, arrive at 6:30pm
April 30    Final EBOP Class - All Students, arrive at 7:15am