Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome to EBOP!

EBOP is off to a fabulous beginning!  We hope your student has been sharing what they are learning in class.  Hopefully some great practicing is starting to happen at home! We are looking to include all information for the year on this website. Please check back regularly and read thoroughly, beause odds are that your answer is here.

Here is a quick guide on the weekly schedules for our EBOP program. All classes start at 7:15 am at Highlands Ranch High School. The buses leave for the individual elementary schools by 8:15pm.

Beginning Strings

Cello4th Grade #1 Violins5th and 6th ViolinsViola4th Grade #1 violins
5th and 6th ViolinsViola/Bass4th Grade #2 ViolinsCello/Bass4th Grade #2 violins
~Violin Group 1 is 4th graders last name A-H
~Violin Group 2 is 4th graders last name I-Z

Beginning Band


Advanced Band and Strings



Please become familiar with our current website, there are great resources on the site. Soon you will be able to connect to our google calendar for all of the events for the year. Check out some of our resources for parents.


If you have not yet made a payment toward your students registration fee, please take a moment to call our book keeper, Doylene at 303-387-2527. Feel free to Email with financial questions only. Doylene can take your credit card over the phone or you can drop a check off with one of the directors in the morning as you bring your student to HRHS.


We ask that you purchase your students book before the first class. Band will use Standard of Excellence book 1 Beginning and Book 2 for Advanced Band. Strings will be using String Basics book 1 for Beginners. There are many local and online vendors that sell these books.

Smart Music is an technology program designed to promote and enable students to practice their instrument. We have integrated the program into EBOP to inspire students to practice and advance to higher levels with their music studies.